Our vision

Since EFD is not about making money, but about creating value for others in the form of improved quality of life, it is important to put into writing what drives us, why we get up every morning and do what we do. A sense of purpose is central to any engagement.

Vision – A world where we no longer are needed

What is a vision? A description of a “better situation”? A utopia?

We are confident that when we persistently work together, it is possible to come closer to each other, even if it sometimes is with small steps. When we come closer to each other and the world, we all feel and show compassion.

Our efforts toward a more compassionate world leads us down a path that is perhaps long, maybe complicated. Perhaps some would liken it to a desire that cannot be fulfilled. But for us, our vision is very much alive and palpable. It motivates us to continue, continue to strive. Continue through our joint efforts to be concrete on the ground, bring concrete solutions, while showing that there is a commitment that overcomes hopelessness.

We hope and believe that our work shows situations can be changed. That what we are doing creates ripples in the water, creates a motion, a momentum that makes us all dare to get involved in positive change. Changes that have a bearing in the long term and in a broad way. A change that results in an acceptable quality of life for everyone, everywhere.

A change so radical that EFD no longer is needed.

Core values brand promises

There are some values that are particularly important for us to live up to in order to take EFD in the desired direction. These are:


To us, nothing is a given, we think unconditionally.

We challenge the way ”things always have been done” in aid projects and organizations.


We are actively seeking new paths to solutions.

We dare to be unconventional, to make it work is critical.


We take the ensuing steps after survival, there is more to do (just as important).

“Good enough” is not enough for us, it should always be measurably better.


We are results-oriented and work with practical solutions that are feasible.

We solve concrete problems.

We also set the framework, the bar or the level of ambition, if you like, by subjecting us to some promises in our business.

We use business practices that streamline implementation.
We take responsibility for the feasibility of the solution.

Long term view:
Our efforts should have a bearing in the long term.
Better conditions for improved quality of life for the individual is the goal.