School kit

In total there are approx. 3 million refugees in Iraq. The majority of these are in Northern Iraq and are mostly women and children. There is a great need to normalize everyday life, not least in terms of education, therefore we want to ensure that children get better conditions for their studies.
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Our goal is to collect SEK 300,000 for refugee children in Kurdistan. On location in northern Iraq, EFD will distribute a school kit/backpack to children.


EFD uses innovation as the basis for its actions to achieve maximum effect. At the initial stage of a potential effort, we, therefore, need to make an assessment of whether the conditions for innovation exist. If so, EFD can continue and implement the operation according to our process. If the following criteria are met, we believe that opportunities for innovation exist. It has to be:

  • Desirable (from a human perspective)
  • Feasible (from a technical perspective)
  • Sustainable (from a business / financial perspective)

In this project, we can see that all parts are met. The area we needed to analyze deeper this time, has been around sustainability, i.e. the business economy perspective. There is the conclusion that we can see the financial viability of the project and consequently we see that innovation conditions prevail. This project will primarily be funded with product sales to companies.

An important part is also the fact that we ourselves are involved in developing the schooling/backpack (see below under “solution”) and can guarantee quality etc. and that we are in a continuous process, right up to distribution to the needy.


The process optimization is to go directly to the source during production, without involving intermediaries. EFD has developed a self-designed school bag/backpack with the following contents; Pen and ruler set, notepads, rain poncho, sanitary water bottle, eternity flashlight, plaster box, sanitary toothbrush, 3D puzzle.


EFD is always on location and running all projects, to ensure control of the process and that promised implementation takes place. We guarantee all stakeholders (donors & partners) that concrete efforts are made.