Our endeavour – 100%

EFD is a charity organisation with innovation as a primary tool. EFD starts where other aid organisations ends.

We are working on practical solutions to real problems in the areas of water and sanitation, health, energy and education. We do it for the long term to improve the living standards of people in vulnerable areas and to thus reducing the need for outside help. EFD stands for Engineering for Development.
It is both our name and what we do.


When you donate money to one of our projects, our main promise to you is that every penny you donate fully goes to that project. Never to other projects, never to cover overhead costs or unforeseen expenses. 100% straight into the project – always!

How is that possible? Of course EFD has overall costs, but we have chosen to organise ourselves so that project financing is independent of the ongoing financing of EFDs´ organisation. Our overhead costs are financed instead through an ongoing collaboration with partners and donors, particularly in the business sector, but also through sales of our own products. This is an important principle for us and a guarantee that the money you donate to a specific purpose also makes good right there.

Read more about our work at efdworld.org