First Aid Kit

There are an estimated 4.5 million internally displaced people (IDPs) spread across Iraq. EFD's missions on the ground has shown us how hard-stretched doctors and medical clinics are. Many suffer from minor injuries that can easily be taken care of, such as sores, scratches and blemishes. This can be treated with simple means in the form of a first aid kit that should be standard for every human being to have under these circumstances.

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On site in Northern Iraq on the outskirts of Mosul, EFD will hand out first aid kits for people living in the refugee camps. A minimum of 3000 kits will be distributed.


EFD uses innovation as a basis for its actions to achieve maximum impact. Therefore, at the start of a potential effort, we need to make an assessment of the conditions for innovation. If so, EFD can continue and implement the process according to our process. If the following criteria are met, we consider that opportunities for innovation are available. It has to be:

  • Desirable (from a human perspective)
  • Feasible (from a technical perspective)
  • Sustainable (from a business / economic perspective)

In this project we can see that all perspectives are met. The area we needed to analyze deeper this time, has been about sustainability from a business economics perspective. It is concluded that we can see financial sustainability in the project and consequently we see that innovation conditions prevail. An important part is that we hve developed the first aid kits ourselves (see below under “solution”) and can therefore guarantee the quality of the materials inside. With EFD’s oversight on the ground, we can ensure the implementation process so that the first aid kits are distributed directly to those who need it most. Even minor injuries, often associated with infection risks, are unfortunately a continuous problem in places of crisis and a first aid kit can make the difference to a family in preventing further complications with infection. Starting with this project, we will establish a working solution in the form of first aid kits that can be used in future projects.


Process optimisation is to go directly to the source and EFD has therefore developed its own first aid kit. The first aid bag itself is made of a quality, fire retardant material and contains; Gauze bandages, Tweezers, Scissors, Plasters, Tape, Sore Wash and Breathing Mask.


EFD is always on site and are a driving force in all our projects to ensure control of the process and that the implementation promises takes place. We guarantee all stakeholders (donators & collaborators) that our concrete actions are being implemented.

In record time, we have managed to deliver First Aid Kits on site in Northern Iraq on the outskirts of Mosul, to people living in refugee camps. We can’t express our gratitude enough, we appreciate your involvement that now have resulted in action and results. Greetings and thankfulness is also coming from the camps we’re visiting.