When Haval Simitko 2013 made a trip in Northern Iraq, he saw with his own eyes the extent of the flow of refugees who had come from the war in Syria. He also saw that most of the charities on site did the same things, and worked with the same type of action for a long time. Haval came home with a strong desire to contribute with something meaningful in combination with the belief that it should be possible to bring more longterm solutions than what he had seen.

With a starting point in his own background and expertise as an engineer, the idea was born to develop an effective business model with principles and processes that are able to function in all possible places where people need help.

The strong conviction that right from the start running EFD as a business, has never been about making money. On the contrary, it is based on the belief that to maximize the outcome of relief efforts, there should be a business stance and high demands on efficient use of resources and processes that work even in the long term.

The first project was implemented in 2015 in December. EFD, in cooperation with Barzani Foundation, distributed 470 backpacks to Kurdish refugee children consisting of school materials, rain poncho, sanitary water bottle, forever flashlight, patch kit, toothbrush and 3D puzzles.

Our People

Sanel Hasic

Chairman of the board Sweden

Haval Simitko

General Secretary

Anders Strandberg


Mikael Marticki

Director of Communications

Stefan Marticki


Rafi Totangy

Sourcing Manager